RCF audio to the Abdol Azim Shrine


RCF audio to the Abdol Azim Shrine

Farayand brings crystal clear audio to the Shah Abdol Azim Shrine


Farayand System Mandegar Company, the projects team of Shidco Holding, has installed a range of sound reinforcement solutions at the New Shabestan hall of the Shah Abdol Azim Shrine. The project called on a variety of products from RCF, Shure, Symetrix and Yamaha.

Located in Rey, the shrine contains the tomb of ‘Abdul ‘Adhim ibn ‘Abdillah al-Hasani, a fifth-generation descendant of Hasan ibn ‘Ali and a companion of Muhammad al-Taqi, who was entombed there after his death in the 9th Century. The 2,500mImam Khomeini Shabestan Hall was opened at the shrine this year and required a new audio solution to cater for religious gathering and ceremonies taking place.

The installed solution is based around an RCF HDL-10-A line array, with four cabinets deployed per-side, in addition to a pair of TTL 6-A cabinets for side fill, three clusters of two HDL 6-As for far fill, six Art 310-A MK-4s for front fill and a pair of Art 712-A MK-4 cabinets for altar monitoring.

‘We used EASE software for the design and electroacoustic simulation of this hall,’ explained Farayand sound engineer, Mr Mousavi. ‘On the altar, Shure‘s Beta 58a dynamic microphones provide clean, isolated signals, while a BLX1288/CVL dual-channel combo wireless microphone kit gives worship leaders and speakers freedom of movement while delivering crystal-clear sound. Additionally, hall staff use a Yamaha TF5 digital console and RCF AYRA6, 6-inch powered studio monitors to deliver clear and powerful live mixes for the congregation.’

Additionally, a Symetrix Prism 16x16 open architecture processor sends calibrated audio signals from the mixer to each speaker, in addition to communicating with Symetrix X-IO 4x4 network analogue input output interfaces installed in two of the additional zones.