Four Questions to Ask Before Choosing Sound Equipment Rental for Your Next Event


Four Questions to Ask Before Choosing Sound Equipment Rental for Your Next Event

Four Questions to Ask Before Choosing Sound Equipment Rental for Your Next Event

Great sound is key to an unforgettable event. Many memorable moments—like a touching wedding speech, the big chorus during a concert or the keynote speech during a conference—all depend on being able to hear everything. Sound can make or break a guest’s experience. Audio glitches, feedback or insufficient volume can actually ruin the experience during a large gathering.

You need to find the best sound equipment rentals in Orange County, CA to guarantee your event is a success. This can be tricky, as most people aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of proper audio levels or speaker placement. Luckily, asking a few simple questions can help even the most novice planners find the perfect sound equipment for their next big event. Here are four questions to ask before choosing sound equipment rental for your next event:

What equipment would you recommend? Sound equipment is incredibly expansive and complex. In most cases, a simple PA system just won’t cut it. Each type of event will require a unique sound solution to create the ultimate experience. A sound professional will be able to recommend the best equipment based on the type of event, number of guests, the venue and your overall vision for the event.


What’s the procedure? You might be a pro at planning an extravagant event at the last minute, but that doesn’t always work out when it comes to sound equipment rentals in Orange County, CA. Many companies are booked solid months in advance. Try to request the equipment as early as possible to ensure you get exactly what you need, when you need it. Most companies will still be able to accommodate you closer to the date, but selections may be limited and there may be less time for fancy equipment and customization.


How much will the deposit and equipment rental cost? Be aware of the pricing strategy the rental company is using before signing a contract. Many sound companies require a deposit prior to providing the equipment, in addition to the actual usage costs. Pay attention to any cancellation fees and whether the deposit is refundable. Understanding this now will help avoid any unpleasant surprises once the bill arrives.

Do you offer setup and teardown service? Some sound equipment can be difficult and time consuming to set up and tear down without the help of a trained expert. The vendor should provide the necessary support to make sure everything is handled properly before, during and after the event. These costs are usually included in the rental estimate.

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