About Shidco Holding

Initially, we would like to let our customers get to know how Shidco Company began to work and how it gradually become bigger.


We have started our activity in Abadan city located at Khozestan province. The oil reserves in this region and its popularity as the cradle of economic in Iran made this city the best choice for the ones who wanted to start a new business. So we have started our activity in the field of producing electronic equipment’s in Abadan.


In 1980 the war between Iran and Iraq led us to move the Capital of Iran; Tehran. At the end of the war Iran got the possibility to have new connection with international companies and producers. Therefore, this opportunity marked a turning point for our company.


It’s been about 35 years, that we are active in Iran’s market; we have been selling and also providing services for specialized audio, video and lighting systems. We are honored to be an exclusive distributor of various famous European and American brands in this field in Iran such as RCF, FBT, DTS, POWERSOFT, Brahler and ADAMSON. Except our collaboration with European companies we are also in charge with selling the products of different companies of Asia as their exclusive distributor in Iran including AUDIOCNETER, BKR, JTS, ACM and ROXTON.


Company missions

In fact, apart from variety of our products, our crucial need for providing engineering services and also designing made us having integrated different parts in our company and that’s why we gradually changed to Shidco Holding.


Now a day the important role of technology in every single part of our life particularly its intense impact on verity and extensiveness of sound and video products gave us the cue to start informing people about recent improvements in this proper filed especially our electronic products by holding several public conferences which were admired by participants.


As it is obvious, customer’s need is always our top priority. Hence, the procedure from selecting products from different companies to sale and after-sales service will be controlled by Shidco Holding mangers.

درباره هلدینگ شیدکو
درباره هلدینگ شیدکو
شرکت شیدکو
شرکت شیدکو

Despite our extensive activity in audio, video and lighting industry, it is good to mention that Shidco Holding is always a pioneer in introducing, distributing and using the newest technologies in all fields due to the culture, character and the need of our customers and the society.

Holding brands

Our product portfolio includes world-renowned brands that offer the best sound quality to you and your audience.